Life is full of moments that define you. The moments that tell the story of your existence. Your wedding day is one of those moments.

Like the smell of sugar cookies baking in your grandmothers’ kitchen, or hearing an old favorite song. These remind you of another moment in the past, and the people who were in your life and shared these memories with you. Your wedding photos are going to have that same magic feeling.

Photographs allow you to re-live moments and find those feelings you had at that moment.

At the end of the big day, the day you’ve been planning and dreaming about your entire life, the cake will have been eaten, the flowers will fade, the guests will all go back to their homes and the only thing you will be left with is your spouse and your wedding photos. You will want to reminisce about the feelings you had on that very special day. Finding the right photographer is going to help you along the way.

Certainly, you want a wedding photographer.

But more importantly, you want to have that peace of mind on your wedding day that your day is going to be captured beautifully. To see the invisible, to re-experience the passing moments that will otherwise evaporate away unknowingly. You and your soon-to-be have so much to rejoice and you deserve to have your story captured as it unfolds.

Let me tell you why I might be the right artist to help capture your memories.