Quick Tip for Your Photo Session

Looking for a quick tip on how to prepare for a photo session? I’ve got the simplest quick tip for you! Photo sessions are documentations of moments and stages in our lives and some of the most prized possessions we have. As exciting and monumental as they they can also be extremely nerve wracking. From anything like not wanting to be in photos to be being self conscious or the kids acting up of all days, there is so much that can make it a stressful event. It doesn’t have to be that way though. From all the sessions I have ever done and all the amazing families, babies, weddings I’ve had the pleasure of shooting there is one thing that makes the day go smoothly. I want to share this with you.

The Quick Tip To A Great Photo Session

There are lots of tips our there and I have even given quite a few in my preparation guide though above all else there is one simple thing that everyone can do to get incredible images. It’s not fancy nor even costs anything. The best thing you can do to prepare for your photo session to ensure great images is to:

Rest and Relax.

Ok. I know it’s not so easy when it comes to such things because you want it perfect, but here is why this is the fundamental key. With plenty of rest the night before you’re in a better mood, you can manage stress better, your skin glows, and everyone looks lively and upbeat. Having matching clothes is wonderful, but if everyone has dower faces then you just wont love the images. Taking a deep breath and relaxing allows you to trust the photographer to do their job. Remember, we are professionals and have this. The more stressed you are the more stressed everyone is. This is supposed to a wonderful moment in time.

Get your rest, take deep breaths, have fun, and get great images to last a lifetime!

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The Power of Bribery

Picture day can be a very, very stressful time if you have children. Finding the right outfit and a date that everyone is available on already causes you a headache. Once you have that down, though, everything is smooth sailing. You have prepared everything to be perfect, and then your worst nightmare happens – your child won’t cooperate. Even after you’ve coached him or her for the past two weeks and the entire car ride leading up to the session, your kiddo still just isn’t having it. You’ve tried all of the usual tricks and nothing is working. Sounds terrible, right?

Well, I’m here today to save you from this nightmare, and help you prevent this from even happening. Behold the power of bribery. I know some people frown upon this, however, they probably haven’t tried to get a two, six, and 10-year-old to sit in one position together, look at the camera, and smile. It’s no easy task! As a photographer, I’m going to give you the green light and tell you that it’s OK to bribe your kids for the sake of good photos.

We may have a very limited amount of time to get all of the photos that you need, and I don’t want you to be stressed out or feel crunched for time because little Timmy is having a meltdown, is hiding behind his hands the entire session, or sticking his tongue out at me. So, I welcome bribery with arms wide open.

Every child is different when it comes to bribery. They all have different personalities and like different things. Some children are motivated by candy, others cash. You just have to find out what works best for your child.

Here are some suggestions that we’ve noticed have worked.

Candy or fruit snacks

Dinner at their favorite restaurant after the session

Later bedtime

That awesome toy they’ve been drooling over

Extra TV time

A sleepover with a friend

Extended play time

They don’t have to eat their vegetables that night at dinner

They don’t have to do chores the next day

Give them back a privilege that’s been taken away the last time they were in trouble

While these aren’t the only options, we thought we’d give you a starting point to brainstorm your own ideas to help get your child to cooperate.

This photo was made possible by a trip to the OKC Zoo! LOL

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Supporting Others

Why Support Others?

There is something to be said about building your tribe. And by tribe, I mean those that you surround yourself with that encompass who you are. Hopefully, the people in your tribe make you a better person. We tend to think of our tribe as those who are immediately close to us though that isn’t always the case. Many times, it is the people we reach out to beyond our comfort zone or those we associate with business. That might be called our networks.  There’s a saying that your network is your net worth. I believe this to be true. Growing for me has been about reaching out even when I feel a bit uncomfortable doing so. This has taught me a lot about support especially in my photography community. My networks have helped me to grow not only as a photographer for my clients, but also as a person.

My Own Lessons

The biggest lesson I have learned with my growing networks that essentially have become my tribe is the joy I get when supporting others. When they succeed I succeed and it gives me pleasure knowing that I am able to make someone smile, give them a moment of confidence, or to even be that reach out that changes their day to something better. I encourage all of you to support others in your own life and industries. Build those networks to expand your tribe. Reach out to someone and congratulate them, share their work, express your elation for their accomplishments, or even just send a hello message. There is personal growth when we extend our hands out to others. Continue with that every day and you’ll see your net worth explode exponentially.

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What is a bridal portrait session and why should I have one?

Getting married is certainly one of the most important events in your life…

…so it’s only natural that you want to remember it with the best possible photographs! However, there is so much more to it than just taking photos “on the day”.  A bridal portrait session can be an incredible way to get stunning bridal portraits to treasure for life.

So, what is a bridal portrait session, you ask?

A bridal session is actually a long tradition in the South of the United States, although its roots date back to Europe when brides would book a portrait session just for themselves, ahead of the wedding day. Typically, a bride would prepare for the session by wearing the same exact dress she plans on using on her wedding day. In addition to getting some amazing shots done on your bridal portrait session, you can also take the opportunity to feel more comfortable in your wedding dress and learn how to pose for the camera prior to the actual wedding day!

Ok! Why should I get a bridal portrait session?

Well, bridal portrait session can help you, your children and your grandkids remember how stunning you looked as a bride, for years and years to come. A great bridal portrait can become a fantastic family heirloom to treasure for generations, and you will certainly not want to miss the opportunity to preserve such as special moment for the history of your family!

Linsday married her soulmate only a few weeks ago in Mississippi. I was very happy to have had the opportunity to photograph her bridal portraits at the Railyard Studio. Is she not absolutely stunning? I wish her and her new hubby, Jason have many beautiful memories together!

Florals: Angie’s Flowers

Dress: Ella Blu

Photography: Stephanie C. Perry Photography

Contact me today to schedule your bridal session or talk about Weddingswedding photography. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.
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The Pre-Session Warm Up

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the importance of the pre-session warm up. What is this, you might ask? This is the photographer-child interaction time that occurs before we begin the session. I always suggest that you show up a little bit early, maybe 10 to 15 minutes, to your session so we have this time to get to know each other. Especially with young children, it’s going to be a little bit scary interacting with someone they’ve never met before. We want to ensure we can really show off your child’s personality, so we want him or her to be comfortable with us and with the environment.

If we were to just throw them into the middle of the session and there’s this stranger with a camera jumping around trying to get them to look and smile, your child is going to tense up and there may even be confusing. We really just want everything to run smoothly.

If you can arrive early, this will give me time to introduce myself to your child and to try to get a vibe on how the session will go. Some children warm up right away, while others need the entire warm-up time to start to feel comfortable and come out of their shells. And that’s OK.

After I introduce myself, I will try to get to know your child. I’ll ask him questions about what he likes, what he doesn’t like, sing songs, maybe play a game, etc. Just to break the ice a little, so by the time the session starts, your child is happy and more familiar with me. Making sure you’re there early enough to have this time is probably one of the most important tips I can give you for your child’s session.

Once we’ve done a session and your child realizes that I’m not scary and we have fun together, the next session shouldn’t need much warm up time at all if any. But for the very first session together, it is a must.

For more information on booking your family portrait session contact me! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Get the What to Wear Guide so you can start planning your next family portrait session!


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