What to Expect in Our Pre-Wedding Consultation

Pre-Wedding ConsultationStephanie Perry, Wedding Photographer in El Paso Texas in her studio

Last week I mentioned our Pre-Wedding Consultation as a chance to go over those last details, but there’s more to it than that!

A pre-event consult is set in place so that we get an opportunity to meet and talk about your wedding and expectations before the big day arrives. We will talk about your timeline and how your schedule is planned, decide when we are going to do the family formals and if you are having a first look, what time we need to arrive, when we will be leaving, where we will meet, and all of the other important details we need to know.

If you have any questions for us, the pre-consult would be the perfect time to ask. This consult is also a good time to catch up and chat, get to know one another, especially if you don’t have an engagement session planned.

Ultimately, this is important so you will feel more comfortable with us on your wedding day.

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What we capture on your wedding day

What Brides Want To Know About Their Wedding Day Photos

We are with you from the time you start getting ready for the wedding day into the night of your reception. We cover Getting Ready, Ceremony and Reception, Family and Bridal Party Portraits, Wedding Day Details, and all of the Special Moments throughout your day.

Our style is very candid. However, we do pose for family formals and bridal party photos. For most of the day, you’ll barely notice we are there, as we try to remain discreet. We won’t be all up in your face or being a distraction to you or your guests.

We cover all of the main events throughout the day and will get all of the many details that you worked so hard to put together for your wedding day. If there’s something, in particular, you want to make sure we get a lot of photos of, just let us know. We’re happy to accommodate you. If you want to get a not-so-formal photo with some friends during the reception, just pull us aside and ask us to snap a photo or two. Just sit back and relax, because we’ve got you covered!

This is another reason why I encourage every bride to come and have a sit down meeting with me about 30 days before their wedding. We can go over all of the details then, create a shot list and rough timeline so that we have a solid game plan well in advance. And don’t’ worry, I totally get that things change last minute and have to be adjusted. I promise we can work with whatever timeline we end up with and still create beautiful images for you to remember your special day!

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6 ideas for preparing the perfect engagement session

Alejandra and Derek hug during their engagement session in the Franklin Mountains El paso Engagement PhotographyIf you want your pictures to really showcase your love story, we have some ideas to help you plan the perfect engagement session. Let us help you prepare for your session by sending us over the answers to the following questions:

  • Where did you first meet?

If you want to add some sentimental value to your session, tell me about how you first met. If it was at a local place, we can stop by during your session and recreate the scene.


  • What do you like to do together?

What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing together? This will help us to create memorable photos for you. Do you love riding your bikes together or racing model airplanes? Do you go to the park and push each other on the swings or playing laser tag together? Tell us your hobbies and we will try to incorporate them.



  • Where/how did he propose?

We would love to recreate this moment for you during your session. This is the moment you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. This is important, especially if we were not able to capture this moment as it was actually happening. We want you to be able to share your proposal story with photos to go along with it!


  • What are your common interests?

By informing us of your interests, we can add a more personal touch to your photos. Are you both fans of the same sports team? Are you really into comic books or video games? Do you work in the same profession?


  • Do you have any pets together?

If so, they make a perfect addition to your session. We welcome your pets into your e-session.


  • Do you have ‘a spot’?

You know that place where you always wind up going on date night? Where was your first kiss? What is your favorite hang out spot? Tell us your favorite go-to locations and we can check them out to see if they would be good spots for a photo shoot.

I hope these tips helped you get some great ideas for your perfect engagement session. If you need any other assistance or location ideas please do not hesitate to reach out! If you enjoyed these tips share the love! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. If you’re ready to book your engagement session then contact me today!

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4 Items to Bring to Help Incorporate your Pet(s) in your Family Photos

Your Pets are Family Too!

If you are planning on bringing a pet to your session, we are more than happy to have you do that. We love our furry friends and are always pleased to add them to our sessions! Here are some things you should remember to bring to ensure everything goes smoothly:

  1. A leash. This will help you keep your pet near to you and where you want him or her for photos. (They aren’t just for dogs, you know.) Be sure to bring a thinner leash, as they are easier to hide or edit out if necessary.
  2. A friend. Having someone come with you specifically to take care of your pet is ideal. This will help so that your pet is not running around all over the place or alone in the car, should you wish to take some photos without Fido.
  3. Treats are great bribery for your animal. It will help keep your pet still and focused on the camera.
  4. A favorite toy. The noisier the better. This is also a great tool to help keep your pet’s attention on me. We can also use it for a fun game and get some fun interaction shots.
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Still want to do an exit, but you’re not leaving the venue?

We still want to do an exit, but we’re not leaving the venue!

I get this question a lot, “I want to get those awesome wedding exit photos, but I’m having my wedding all at the same location and wanted to do it right after my ceremony. Is there any way we can make this happen?”

If you want to get amazing exit photos, but you’re going to be having your ceremony and reception at the same venue, or you don’t want to book your photographer for the full length of the reception, you can do an exit without really leaving. Here’s what I mean: After the ceremony, you can do your “wedding exit” and then get into your car and just go around the block and circle back around. Then when you come back to the venue, enter in through a back exit. If you drive around the block and come back to the same spot, some people may still be lingering and talking to each other. That means when you get out of your car, they will want to come talk to you and congratulate you, tell you how pretty you look and whatnot. This can take up valuable photo time. If you come in through a back exit, you don’t run into people and get stuck in conversation when you’re trying to get back in for photos. This is especially important if you are limited on time or on a strict schedule. If you only have an hour for photos and you get stuck talking to people, this could easily eat up half the time without you even realizing it!

Alternatively, if your heart desires one of those oh so lovely sparkler night time exits you can still stage one of these too! It does take some preplanning and verifying with the venue and state regulations (burn bans are a common practice here in our beautiful desert!) Once you have the okay to go, all we need to do is have your DJ announce the staged wedding exit. Afterwards, you just go back in and enjoy the party! Easy as that. Make sure that you let everyone who is going to be in pictures know that you’re not actually going to be leaving and tell them where to meet you right after your exit. This way, you don’t have people missing or confused and everything will run smoothly.Evan dips Casey wedding sparkler exit El Paso Wedding Photographer

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