Destination : Iceland

In July my husband and I traveled to Iceland so I could attend a workshop with Dallas’s most elite and highly awarded wedding photographer, JB Sallee of Sallee Photography. It was an incredible experience! Along with 11 other photographers, we traveled some of the most iconic and stunning locations on the freezing cold island to photograph.

When we arrived in Reykjavík we had a few hours to explore before meeting up with the group at the house. It was cold and rainy the entire trip! A huge shock from our warm sunny El Paso days!

After getting settled in and meeting all our new friends at the house we made dinner and rested from the long journey!

On Tuesday morning we trekked out to Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. It was so incredibly beautiful! We definitely got to see why it is called The Land of Waterfalls.

If you are a photographer I definitely recommend traveling with a group of models to have on standby when inspiration hits! Lol!

Then we headed to the stunning Black Sands Beach in Vik. The mountain formation was created by magma pushing toward the surface of the earth hundreds of thousands of years ago and over centuries the sediment washed away leaving the very interesting columns. We saw this type of formation in Wyoming at Devils Tower during our summer trip last year. The sand also has a magnetic element to it and stuck to some of my lighting gear.

The water and the waves were incredible!

Our third stop was Skogafoss. At this point, we were super cold so we left the cameras in the car and just got a couple cell phone shots of our model Lauren.

We drove back and had a late dinner after this. It was such a long and exciting day! But I was anxious for more exploring on day two! But we will wait for another posting!

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