Supporting Others

Why Support Others?

There is something to be said about building your tribe. And by tribe, I mean those that you surround yourself with that encompass who you are. Hopefully, the people in your tribe make you a better person. We tend to think of our tribe as those who are immediately close to us though that isn’t always the case. Many times, it is the people we reach out to beyond our comfort zone or those we associate with business. That might be called our networks.  There’s a saying that your network is your net worth. I believe this to be true. Growing for me has been about reaching out even when I feel a bit uncomfortable doing so. This has taught me a lot about support especially in my photography community. My networks have helped me to grow not only as a photographer for my clients, but also as a person.

My Own Lessons

The biggest lesson I have learned with my growing networks that essentially have become my tribe is the joy I get when supporting others. When they succeed I succeed and it gives me pleasure knowing that I am able to make someone smile, give them a moment of confidence, or to even be that reach out that changes their day to something better. I encourage all of you to support others in your own life and industries. Build those networks to expand your tribe. Reach out to someone and congratulate them, share their work, express your elation for their accomplishments, or even just send a hello message. There is personal growth when we extend our hands out to others. Continue with that every day and you’ll see your net worth explode exponentially.

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