El Paso Spring Fair 2018

As soon as we saw the fair set up, my three kiddos were begging to come to the fair.

In unison, the chaotic choir shouted out “A Ferris Wheel! Can we go to the fair?!?!”. Well, of course, this was on Friday when winds were reaching 40 mph gusts so my answer was “No, we’re not going to get blown off the Ferris Wheel today”. So instead we made the plan to come today, Saturday. We had a blast but here are a few tips from our experience!

So first off, wear sunscreen. Yes the weather is relatively mild and the breeze is nice and cool, but you don’t want your sweet little ones to come home and find themselves burnt. We picked up some spray on, kids 50 SPF, and hosed them down prior to entering the fair. My youngest still has a slightly pink nose, but she gets her complexion from her fair skinned, sun-sensitive daddy.

Go during wristband hours! Wristbands are $20-$25 for unlimited rides depending on what time you go, and today we found out that mid-afternoon between 3:00 and 6:00 they stopped offering wristbands and were “Ticket Only”. Tickets are about $1 each and are typically sold in sets of 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100. And Nope! No discount for buying more… if you want 20 tickets, it’s $20 or 100 tickets is $100! All of the rides were at least 3 tickets (so they say) but all of the rides we stopped by were 4-5.

Food, games and a few of the attractions are still Cash only so don’t use your whole budget on tickets if you’re planning on trying a few games or indulging in some delicious fried Oreos. There were food trucks and vendors out front too as you walk in, so stop by and say hello to them!

What else can you do there? Well, they also have performances by local musicians, a thrilling motorcycle show, pig races and the free petting zoo. (Oh Em Gee the tiny baby goats are so adorable. I wanted to bring them home and snuggle with them).

My three children are five, seven and nine and all of them had great fun, however, the rides are much more limited for the younger ones, so they might spend more time at the petting zoo or shoveling funnel cake in their mouths. So delicious. For more information and pricing visit their website! Here are some of our fun memories from our visit to the El Paso Spring Fair!

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