Welcome Home 1SG Binford! Fort Bliss Homecoming!

“You up for a homecoming?”

When Jennifer, a fellow photographer and Army wife, asked me to photograph her family’s reunion I simply could not say no. It’s such an honor to be able to capture these special moments! 1SG Caleb Binford and his soldiers from 127th Air Support Battalion spent the last several months traveling around Germany and Europe as part of the Operation Atlantic Resolve. Sounds super exciting doesn’t it?!

What you imagine your homecoming looking like… and what it really look like.

Jen gave me permission to share this hilarious capture from her soldiers recent homecoming. It was really a fun moment and little Elissa was laughing the entire time.

Being an Army Wife is no piece of cake… months on end of acting as a sole parent; Needing Power of Attorney and other random documents most families don’t think of; Being issued a gas mask for your newborn baby who was born during an overseas duty station. What keeps us going is this moment. When your soldier comes back home to you safe and sound.

I asked Jennifer what the hardest part of a deployment is for a military spouse. She replied “Murphy’s Law or deployment gremlin. If its going to go wrong it will go wrong when he’s not here” and when the kids get sick or injured and you need that support.

However she did say the best part was getting the bed all to herself and it was her rules all the time! LOL! You have to “just roll with it” and keep busy. It’s over before you know it! “Don’t take things too seriously, learn to laugh at yourself and the things going on around you. Know that tomorrow is always a fresh start and this too shall pass… you never know how strong you are until you have to be… finding that part of you, knowing you can succeed is is empowering. Jennifer and Caleb have gone through two deployments together though Caleb has deployed 6 times in his military career.


It’s never easy being so far away home, and definitely a struggle for the family holding down the fort at home. But Jennifer is a strong woman and she persevered! We only needed to get away and shoot the stars once! I do think there may have been a Wine of the Month subscription involved! 😉

But enough talk… I know you’re here to see photos! So here is the sneak peek!

Is your soldier preparing for their return? Contact me for more information on how to book your own Fort Bliss Homecoming!

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