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Happy Monday readers! Hope everyone is enjoying the mild summer weather before the true heat sets in!

One thing about photography is there is always something new and exciting to learn. This is why I LOVE finding local workshops to attend so I can continue to grow in my art and offer you guys even more beautifully captured memories!

This past week I attended a couple of really fun and informative lighting workshops. (And got to use a $45,000 camera! Read more at the end!)

The first was in Albuquerque, NM. It was my first time in the city and WOW! What an amazing place. I really enjoyed my day there. The course was taught by Ryan Gonzales of Ryan Gonzales Photography & Isaiah Orozco of Isaiah Joel Photography. Two incredible wedding and portrait photographers. Here are a few photos taken at the University of New Mexico.

Models : Rachael Theuret & Cyril TheuretOver the weekend I attended another incredible lighting workshop here in El Paso! Fashion Photographer Zach Sutton of Zach Sutton Photography came all the way from Los Angeles, California to share his knowledge on lighting techniques for both on location and studio lighting. After last week everything is coming together light wise in my brain! Check out these images from the two day workshop. Taken at Railyard Studio/Epic Railyard Event Center.

Models : Savannah Cornejo, David Parish, Cirio Arman, Edlyn Quintana
​Makeup : Elyse Simons of Elyse Simons Beauty

The workshops were awesome… but I do think the highlight of the weekend was getting to use the most expensive and incredible camera I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. This guy is the PhaseOne 100 megapixel, modular camera system. The particular configuration I’m holding there in my hands will only set you back $45,000, which is more than the cost of my 2012 Ford Flex! In this photo it doesn’t look so big, but turned to the side it’s MASSIVE. If you’re curious you should definitely check out their website here and see for yourself!

$45,000 Phase One Camera! OMG!

I hope I haven’t bored you all to death but if you’re still here thanks for sticking with me! If you enjoyed hearing about my weekend and learning leave a comment and let me know!
Love and High Fives!

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