Lange Family : Maternity : El Paso, Texas

Couple expecting baby pose for a family photo in the Franklin Mountains during Maternity sessionWhen I first arrived in El Paso I met this Brianna in one of the El Paso army wives groups.

She was so sweet! She had an adorable little boy and was a stay at home mom, like me! Well, soon after we had chatted tragedy struck and she and her husband woke to find their sweet baby had passed in the night. My heart broke for her when she went public with the announcement. I watched, through the screen, her have to bury the light in her life.

Little did they know a little spark of new life was growing inside her tummy and she soon found out she was expecting. I cannot even begin to imagine the emotions she experienced. Over time she shared more about her experience with the hopes of helping other parents who’ve lost their children. You can follow their story here.

For months I battled inside on how I could help, what I could do. So finally one day I messaged her and told her how much her story had touched my heart, also missing pieces in heaven, and asked if I could photograph their maternity session.

When it finally came time for their maternity photos I was a little nervous! Well, I always have the photographer jitters, but this time I really wanted to make these special for her. We met at one of my favorite locations – The Franklin Mountains. I love the look of the Golden El Paso sun setting behind them! And I do believe we captured some precious moments. Take a look at their video slideshow below.

More of my maternity sessions can be viewed on my Facebook page and here in my Portfolio. If you want to know what you can do to help fight SIDS visit the American SIDS Institute.

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