We’ve Moved! – El Paso, Fort Bliss, Texas Photographer

When you’re married to the military moving is just a fact of life. Every 3-5 years the big moving truck (an entire semi trailer for me) comes bringing a group of strangers into your home with the intention of getting into all of your personal things. Like your underwear! EEK! However, we survived, yet again, and here we are in sunny El Paso, Texas! I’ll be slowly returning to my business as soon as the last 50 boxes are unpacked and put away. Yes I’m literally looking at 47 boxes in my bedroom. Bleh! but I’m so excited to be here! I have some big exciting plans to bring a more customized experience for each of my clients and I’m so excited to share them with you! One more thing I am committing myself to is to keep up with my darling little blog here. So be on the lookout for more. 


Check out this sunset photo my 7 year old took!

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